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On this page we share pictures of Inukshuk puppies and their families.  Please send us your photo updates so we can keep this page current :-)

Libby AKA: Liberty [Kalluk x Ari]

"Oooooh, it's COLD!  And the bottom's muddy, yuck!"
Thunder AKA: Benny (Kalluk x Kiva)
"MY rug!"
Shasta Resting AKA: Prescott (Austin x Kiva)
"OK now, give it up."
Fling AKA: Harmony (Kalluk x Kiva)
"Can't that Boxer pull some for a while?"
Toby pulling Abby in the snow--
"Wake me up when you get the food in my bowl."
Toby AKA: Truxton (Austin x Kiva)
Winner's Dog (again ;-)
Allegiance (Kalluk x Kiva)
"Yeah, yeah, can we run on the 5 acres now?"
Patience (Kalluk x Kiva)

"Feed me!!!"
Dexter AKA: Hero (Kalluk x Ari)

Taaktuq @ 11 Years Old -- Quiet and Dignified

Our Supreme "Fluffball"!
Inukshuk Patriot (Kalluk x Ari)

Sadie & pal Torpedo
Sadie AKA: Parade (Kalluk x Ari)

Beautiful Selena!
Selena AKA: Honor (Kalluk x Ari)

"Who are these humanoids?"
Laika AKA: Remember (Kalluk x Ari)

"Yeah, that's right, I AM a Grand Champion & a Therapy Dog!"
GCH. Inukshuk Klassic's Control CGC, ThD
"I'm warming up my nose."
Juno in a recent blizzard -- loves the snow! (Juno AKA: Sedona (Austin x Kiva))
"I have a plan..."
Suuraq (Kalluk x Kiva)

Nice n Clean -- "Are we going to a show???"
Tucson AKA: TuTu [Kalluk x Kiva]

"Enough pix already--let me go play!" [Tucson]


Inukshuk puppies and their families become our extended family--